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TC-701 Top Roll Curtain

Top Roll Curtain

The Top Roll curtain uses no hoist cables or straps to raise and lower the curtain. The unique design has a 1HP direct drive winch with dual constant velocity joints and rolls from the top allowing for bleachers.

Stores tighter than many other curtain designs for additional clearance with low ceilings. The “clean” design is attractive and allows any combination of vinyl and mesh height.

  • Constructed of heavy duty 18 oz. reinforced vinyl and 9 oz. vinyl coated polyester mesh.
  • Motor is located at the top of the curtain out of harm’s way.
  • No large torque arm assembly or belts to get damage.
  • No hoist belts or cables.
  • Rolls up to within 16” of support structure.
Item #: TC-701

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