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Hack Attack Junior Pitching Machine (Softball)


Designed for high school and youth league play.

  • Speeds of 35-70 mph and distance of 43 ft
  • Unique 3 wheel design changes breaking pitch plane with dial control
  • Underhand feeding motion, acceleration and release emulates a live pitcher
  • Choose from fastballs, risers, drops, right and left-handed screwballs
  • Pivots instantly for pop-ups, fly balls, and grounders
  • Dial-in pitch selection without head adjustment maximizes practice time
  • Compatible with all ball types
  • Power: 110 VAC – 2000W generator with inverter technology (not included)
  • Arrives assembled
Item #: HASPM-200JR

Product Details

UM Each
Weight (lbs) 75
Shipping Method TRUCK

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