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Jaypro Sports is the leading manufacturer of quality sports equipment. With over 65 years of experience, Jaypro Sports has developed the most robust and reliable equipment for buildings of all shapes and sizes. From large multi-sport facilities to small elementary schools, Jaypro Sports will provide the proper equipment to meet the facility needs. Our complete line of indoor gymnasium equipment includes ceiling suspended and wall mounted backstops, baseball and multi-sport batting cages, wrestling mat storage systems, floor sleeved or ceiling suspended volleyball systems, wall padding, and much more.

Architects, General Contractors, Athletic Directors whom have work with Jaypro Sports products always come back. Our Engineering department will assist in the design, installation, and service of all of our equipment. With upgraded design software and qualified designers, we are able to turn around jobs quickly and accurately. Here at Jaypro, we take pride in our work!

Jaypro Sports Control Systems – Dominant Control Above the Competition:

Turn to Jaypro Sports for state-of-the-art control systems to operate electrical gymnasium components or in groups of up to 8 grouped components. Conventional key switch operation is industry standard; however, Jaypro Sports offers control systems that save thousands of dollars on installation and end-user wages. The Master Equipment Controller 2 (MEC2) or Easy Touch Equipment Controller (ETEC) touchpad systems are inexpensive upgrades that have minimal payback time. Jaypro Sports was the FIRST in the industry to allow simultaneous equipment operation and is the LEADING company for advanced control systems in the industry!

The MEC2 can operate up to 8 gymnasium components individually or simultaneously and/or 16 auxiliary services (lights, fans, scoreboards, etc). The MEC2 can accommodate unlimited gymnasium components and auxiliary services with the addition of expansion relay boxes. For added safety, the MEC2 has tiered login prevent unauthorized access or modifications. The slick, wall mounted touchpad is one of the best upgrades for any facility.

The ETEC is the ultimate gymnasium equipment controller and is customized for every facility. The ETEC can operate 128 gymnasium components and/or auxiliary services (lights, fans, scoreboards, etc). Customized user programs such as “game day” or “practice” allow for the quickest gym configuration. The ETEC is the FIRST control system in the industry to allow both UP and DOWN simultaneous operation, for complete layout change in a matter of seconds. For added safety, the ETEC has tiered login prevent unauthorized access or modifications. The ETEC touchpad can easily be retrofitted into any existing gymnasium or facility.

Additional Information

Located in Waterford, CT, Jaypro Sports has a 67,000 square foot manufacturing facility. With updated manufacturing capabilities and one of the largest powder coat line in the Northeast, Jaypro Sports continues to invest heavily in machinery and equipment to excel in the industry.

For additional information such as CSI specifications, product cut sheets, REVIT files, CAD files, please refer to CADdetails or contact Jaypro Sports directly. To locate a dealer or become an authorized Jaypro Custom Equipment Dealer in your area, please email [email protected] or call Doug Morrow at 800-243-0533 ext. 162.


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