Jaypro Sports Basketball Backboards

Only at Jaypro Sports Equipment and Gym Construction can you find the most reliable brand name manufacturers to fulfill your athletic needs, whether it be for a replacement project or one of fresh construction. Jaypro Sports specializes in providing top of the line basketball equipment that is used by everybody ranging from youths to the Pros.

Jaypro Sports supplies first-class basketball backboards that are employed to satisfy basketball followers of all different stages of development. Many of the basketball rims and goals that we offer are adjustable and/or portable by nature, further emphasizing the adaptability of the basketball backboards & rims to the age groups of the sports participants. The backboards coming from our inventories are made of highly durable materials and are provided in varying dimensions suitable for competitive play. Glass backboards are actually one of our more popular basketball backboards because of their strength and cosmetic appeal. A basketball backboard is only as good as the material from which it is constructed out of. That is why we provide basketball goal backboards made from other highly touted materials such as graphite, polyethylene, steel, fiberglass, and aluminum.

The rims that are attached to these Basketball backboards are of the highest importance to the overall quality and performance of playing basketball. That is why we offer a multitude of basketball rims to satisfy the varying condition upon which basketball is played. For instance, for the outdoor street ball game, it would be absolutely necessary to install outdoor basketball goals with their trademark rugged and tough double rim design. Outdoor play typically involves a more rugged style of play and requires a rim that can withstand the weather conditions and ferocious slam-dunks. When doing gym construction for a high school or college basketball gym, adjustable breakaway rims do wonders. These adjustable and adaptable breakaway rims have adjustable mounted tension knobs located by the bracket of the rim that allow for adaptation between different styles of play. For younger kids, we have the single rim design that allows for baskets to be made a whole lot easier since the goals are more giving which allows a greater margin for error.

As another benefit to our customers, Jaypro also specializes in gym construction and installation. By doing this service, Jaypro helps turn visions into a tangible reality without the hassle of doing it oneself. This is a system that Jaypro has been employing for years and has helped design many prestigious colleges and universities, such as Penn State.