Players Benches

Jaypro Sports & Gym Construction, the nation’s leading manufacturer of sporting good and equipment, has a complete selection of sports hardware and accessories to outfit any facet of many sports. Our reputation as a provider of quality sports equipment is second to none and our roster of clients who purchase sporting goods from an assortment of sports including hockey, football, soccer and lacrosse can verify our quality of service with their satisfaction.

As proof of the extensiveness of our product line that covers all angles of the game, Jaypro Sports provides high quality players benches & field equipment. Our players benches come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors to suit the conditions of the field and specifications of the requesting organization. The benches are constructed out of a non-skid aluminum material and are 10 inches wide giving one’s players adequate seating space and comfort, while the sturdy legs of the benches are made out of galvanized steel to resist rust. The sizes of the benches range from 7.5 ft, to 15 ft, to 21 ft accommodating different size teams. The style of the benches also varies according to color and design.

As an exclusive service offered only by Jaypro Sports, organizations can request to have the legs of the bench and the bench itself painted to match the school or organization’s colors, adding an air of school spirit to the game.

The paint itself is a special formula dubbed Powder Coated Toughâ„¢ that ensures the durability, long-lasting nature, scratch-resistance, and attractiveness. For such customization, Jaypro Sports will complete the order and have it shipped in only four weeks. The design of the benches is also varies giving buyers the option of buying this piece of equipment with or without a backrest or in portable, permanent or surface installed units. As for installation, the benches can be purchased as portable units for those programs that need to convert their spaces for multiple uses and applications. The benches can also be purchased for permanent installation on immutable locations of a sport or activity and surface mounts are also an option for temporary installation.