Shipping FAQs

When will I be contacted by the delivery company?

  • You will be contacted at the number you provided at time of order within 1-2 business days prior to delivery to arrange a time/date for your delivery.
  • You can choose to have the delivery company hold the delivery at their warehouse; however, you may be subject to storage fees from the delivery company that will need to be paid before the delivery can be scheduled.
Do I need to be on-site to accept my delivery?
  • Someone needs to be present to accept the delivery. This person should be someone who can take responsibility for accepting the delivery and be aware of the delivery process.
How many pieces will I receive with my shipment?
  • The number of pieces will depend on the equipment shipped.
  • Always check the Delivery Receipt at the time of the delivery and verify that equipment received is the same in style and quantities as what was shipped.
  • If you are missing a box, immediately note this on the shipping slip and contact your Jaypro Sports representative.
How many people will I need to unload my shipment?
  • Truck drivers are not responsible for unloading your equipment. Contact your Jaypro representative prior to delivery to find out the dimensions of the largest/heaviest piece of your shipment, this will give you an idea of how many people you will need to assist.
Can I use a forklift to unload my shipment?
  • While we do not recommend using a forklift, some pieces are heavy and may require one to transfer the equipment. Where possible we recommend unloading the equipment by hand.
What do I do if there is obvious damage to my shipment?
  • You have the right to refuse any shipment if damage is obvious and you do not want to accept the equipment in the condition it has arrived. Please contact your Jaypro representative immediately.
  • Take pictures of the shipment.
  • Ensure the driver notes the damage on the shipping slip at time of delivery.
What do I do if I find damage after the driver leaves?
  • If you have signed for the shipment “Pending Further Inspection”, immediately inspect all the equipment thoroughly.
  • If you find there is damage, take pictures noting the damage and contact your Jaypro representative immediately.
[email protected]  |   1.800.243.0533

If you do sign your delivery as complete and without damage and later determine you are missing items or there is damage: you will be responsible for any replacement items whether lost or damaged. Jaypro Sports is not able to file a claim when the shipping receipt has been signed for accepted in full. You have 30 days from receipt of the equipment to claim damages.


For any additional shipping and/or receiving questions, please contact your Jaypro representative.