Some of the greatest memories of football games come from sitting in the bleachers with friends and cheering for the home team. No athletic field or court is complete without the proper sports equipment for fans witness the miracle that have on the field of competition. Here at Jaypro Sports Equipment & Gym Construction, the nationwide leading manufacturer of bleachers, we take pride in providing those sports bleachers for schools that pack the stands full of loyal fans. Only the highest quality sports bleachers are in our stock and are provided to those schools and organizations wanting to establish comfortable and safe seating areas for their crowds.

Jaypro Sports portable aluminum bleachers provide a lightweight and durable structure for fans to reside. Our 15′ Four Row Bleacher set enables schools to save on money with its low price and gyms to save on space since the structure does not extend to over 30″ in height. If fostering school pride is a top priority for you, then you’ll love our 21″ Three Row Bleacher Powder Coated. These special sets of bleachers can be customized and painted to meet your school’s colors! None of the important specifications are complicated for this sports equipment structure is still lightweight along with its aluminum makeup keeping the stadium bleachers stable and durable. For the greatest amount of durability and support to sustain the rigorous movements of boisterous fans, look to Jaypro Sports highest quality gym stadium stands. Our 15′ Ten Row Bleachers with Guard Rail provide just that and more with its rust-resistant supporting understructure, dual braces and rear-stabilizing bar. The best feature is the guardrail that encircles 3/4ths of the aluminum sports equipment. This ensures that fans are not accidentally pushed and fall off the bleacher and injure themselves. A comparable model that we offer here at Jaypro Sports has a chain link fence instead of a metal guard rail that encircles the bleachers. The chain link fence offers more leeway and give as it still very effectively supports the aluminum bleacher set.

This year guarantees to be another exciting season of this good ol’ American sport. Provide fans the special gift of comfort and security as they share in enjoying this American pastime with family and friends here only at Jaypro Sports and Gym Construction, the leading manufacturer of many bleacher styles nationwide.