Field Hockey Equipment

The late summer time period signifies the commencement of the field hockey season. For field hockey coaches around the nation, that means doing inventory on field hockey equipment to ensure that they have the best in providing their teams with quality hockey equipment. Here at Jaypro Sports Equipment & Gym Construction can you locate the best field hockey equipment, giving your field hockey programs the best chance at success in the season.

Being the largest manufacturer of official sports equipment around, Jaypro Sports Equipment provides a wide array of field hockey equipment to choose from. One major part of our field hockey line includes hockey nets. Our official field hockey goals that we provide are of the finest grade and quality meeting official field hockey standards everywhere. Being weatherproof, our field hockey goals are extremely long lasting and tough against nature’s elements, making outdoor storage and use a non-issue. Like many of our products we supply, our hockey goals are made out of galvanized steel, which fortifies our steel structures with a rust-resistant coating. Our nets are of official size measuring dimensions of 7 ft. high, 12 ft. wide and 4 ft. deep. For a team in search of versatility and mobility, we also provide the folding hockey net which collapses for easy transportation and storage. Nets are also included with the purchase of each hockey net system.

If field preparation is where your concern lies, Jaypro Sports & Gym Construction has a plethora of field line markers to help mark out the dimensions of your field hockey playing field. The field line markers are the most effective pieces of hockey equipment that you will find anywhere. While there are similar line marking machines used for tasks such as creating parking lines (click here), these machines specialize in marking hockey fields. Our line of line markers come in varying sizes to match the size of the field that needs marking and our prices run parallel to the size of the machine. From the smallest economy size line marker to the eco-liner field marker, all our equipment have similar features to perform the same basic tasks: adjustable spray head to give varying line widths, a limited warranty to ensure service and upkeep, and a container large enough to get the job done.

What’s a field hockey field without benches? For your organizations loyal fans, Jaypro Sports Equipment delivers first-class bleachers and benches to aid in their comfort, support, and viewing of the game. Our bleachers range from our more basic three and four row models that are aluminum or powder coated to our more intricate bench structures that have ten rows of available seating, guard rails or a chain link fence to encircle the structure on three sides. The bench structures are also constructed out of galvanized steel to combat rust in all weather conditions giving longevity to your organization’s investment.