Floor Hockey

Bring the exciting game of hockey to indoor gyms with great floor hockey equipment including sticks, nets and goals. Great for physical education classes and other recreational activities floor hockey is easy to set up and allows a number of people to participate at once. With a set of sticks, two goals and two nets you’re ready for action.

We offer sturdy, O.D. galvanized steel goals with mounted rubber feet to protect recently finished gymnasium floors. These goals feature tough, polyethylene nets that are 1-3/4″ mesh and have colorful sleeve type bindings. Lightweight goals are easy to transport and store and will give under pressure to prevent injury during games.

We carry a great selection of floor hockey sticks ranging in lengths of 36, 42 and 50 inches. For high school and college level play choose the strong and lightweight Aluminator 50″ sticks with reinforced plastic blades that come in packs of 12 sticks and also include 2 soft shot pucks and 2 replacement blades. For grades 4-12 select the 42″ floor hockey sticks with patented ABS plastic shafts. The 42″ sticks also come in sets of 12 that include 2 goalie sticks, 2 soft shot pucks and 2 replacement blades. And for grades 1-6 pick out the Elementary Pack that features (12) 36″ sticks, 1 soft shot puck and instructions.