Jaypro Sports Basketball Goals

Basketball is an extremely popular sport that is dominating American culture and quickly becoming an American pastime favorite. More and more organizations and classes are renovating their blacktops, gyms and all-purpose rooms as an influx of people are demanding access to basketball recreational play in their area. Jaypro Sports Equipment realizes this and presents our line of professional and portable professional goals.

The portable basketball goal systems are made from with the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. The basketball goals are equipped with a Power Coated ToughTM patent, which readies the product against scratch resistant. The Power Coated ToughTM process also gives the basketball a professional look not found on replica sporting goods. The process is scientifically developed and involves spraying electro magnetically charged particles of piment and resin onto the product until they melt and adhere together giving it a tough outer shell unlike no sports equipment has ever had.

In our stocks here at Jaypro Sports Equipment, we have both indoor and outdoor portable adjustable basketball goal systems. The wheel on the indoor portable basketball goals roll on non-marking wheels, so harming the gym floor’s surface with permanent scuff marks is not an issue with these sports equipment. Included in the purchase of this basketball equipment are your rims and netting. The standard rim for the indoor portable basketball goal system is the breakaway rim, ensuring the safety of your basketball goal under excessive physical play. The breakaway rims are designed to give way under a certain amount of pressure so that the weight is not put upon the structure of the basketball system.

Here at Jaypro Sports Equipment and Gym Construction can you only find professional grade indoor and outdoor portable basketball systems complete with accessories including backboards, netting, rims, and other basketball equipment suitable for any level of play be it recreational, competitive, or professional.