Jaypro Basketball Hoops

Nothing excites and inspires a basketball player to put up numbers in a game than a quality basketball hoop. Jaypro Sports Equipment and Gym Construction is a leader in the sporting goods sector and provides quality portable basketball hoops, nets & goals systems that can be used on all levels of play. The basketball hoops that they provide can be used for either indoor or outdoor play and can be mounted above ground or inground depending on how permanent a location can be secured for site.

Here at Jaypro can you find the finest collection of portable basketball hoops. Made by reliable manufacturers, our portable basketball hoops are built to perform. Pries for the adjustable goals range from $799-$1499 ensuring that one can find the right goal for them whether it be for personal or organizational use. The lower end basketball hoops are perfect for elementary schools and beginner recreational programs. The hoops are adjustable between heights of 6 feet and 10 feet, which offers different levels of difficulty. With a 240 lb weight base on wheels, these portable adjustable basketball hoops are the epitome of stability and mobility. The higher end indoor portable basketball goals are built for competition and sport a backboard comparable to those of regulation goals. Ease of operation is emphasized here because it only takes one person to set up the basketball hoop. Basketball players do not have to worry but injury by running into the adjustable basketball hoop because it comes with padding to be strategically placed on the goal.

The outdoor basketball goals are built to last and offer guarantees in excess of 10 years to back up this claim. Here is where you will find backboards constructed out of more tough material such as the steel and aluminum. There is some assembly required as some of the attachments like the rim and nets need to be secured.