Jaypro Chin Up Bar

Upper body strength is a must and many school programs incorporate testing and the development of it in tailored programs for kids in their school systems. One effective way of testing and developing upper body strength is to get back to basics and incorporate pull ups and chin ups on a wall mounted chin up bar installed into your gym. From there you can then incorporate these basic, but essential, exercises into your program’s strength building and fitness programs. Jaypro.com is the leading manufacturer and seller of sports equipment and gym construction in the nation and takes pride in nothing more than providing quality sports equipment at fair prices.

Our chinning bars are light in weight and easy to install. Our economy chinning bar has a powder coated blue finish to resist rust and prolong its longevity. The bar itself is constructed out of steel tubing, so as not to give under the weight of the athlete. As for our adjustable wall-mounted chinning bar, this device is the perfect product for athletic centers, school’s, and gyms that have athletes of varying ages and sizes. This wall mount chin up bar provides a leeway of roughly 2 feet of height adjustment in six-inch increments. This model also is constructed out of steel tubing with the same powder coated finish to strengthen and preserve it.

Skilled in gym construction, design, and implementation, Jaypro Sports is the best at creating your ideal playing field area just the way it needs to be. We have plenty of experience in building some of the finest playing fields and gyms. As we like to say, whatever you vision is, we can make it a reality.

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