Lacrosse Equipment is the leader in providing sports equipment & gym construction to athletic arenas all over the country. We have sports equipment for all genres of sports and lacrosse is no exception. Our lacrosse equipment is manufactured to satisfy the needs of lacrosse players of all skill levels. From amateur ranks to the professionals, our lacrosse equipment is utilized all over the world and our customers realize the type of quality and performance they are going to get out of our sports equipment.

Our lacrosse net and goal combos manufactured and sold here at Jaypro is just what your lacrosse program needs to get to the top. Our products range from the more economical Portable Official Lacrosse Goals to our Deluxe Official Lacrosse Goals. We even carry portable lacrosse goals that are made specifically for official women’s play. Our deluxe lacrosse goal is designed for top-notch performance and meets all NCAA and NFSHSA requirements for men’s lacrosse competition. The net rail is unique in itself for it keeps the goal free from tape and strings preserving its professional appearance. Our portable model is only 137 pounds in weight making it an easy task to transport this goal and net combo to practice and back to storage on a daily basis. Durability is the name of the game with lacrosse practice equipment and Jaypro cuts no corners with this. The frame of the lacrosse net and goal has mitered and welded corners for the ultimate in sports equipment construction.

Jaypro Sports & Gym construction has the best sports equipment to outfit any sports program at various levels. Skilled in gym construction, design, and implementation, Jaypro Sports is the best at creating your ideal playing field area just the way it needs to be. We have plenty of experience in building some of the finest playing fields and gyms. As we like to say, whatever you vision is, we can make it a reality.