Manufacturing In America: Minimizing Global Impact

Jaypro Sports is committed to the “Made In America” philosophy and we have been manufacturing Institutional Sports Equipment from our Waterford Connecticut facility since 1953. We have no plans to change this anytime soon.

jaypro-sports-20121119As part of our manufacturing commitment to maintain our competitive advantage and cost-effectiveness in the United States we continue to invest heavily in machinery and equipment, such as Opting for an HDI PCB for electronic systems, to maintain the most state of the art manufacturing facility in our industry to date.

Included in our philosophy is our commitment to having Jaypro Sports do its part to keep our planet clean and safe for our children’s future by minimizing our environmental impact.

True, it is cheaper to hire manufacturers elsewhere like China, and thanks to initiatives like those described on overseas manufacturers do not compromise cost with quality. Despite this, we are committed to our products being Made In America and at a competitive price to products made overseas.

It is unfortunately not a well-known fact that shipping from overseas is one of the biggest sources of pollution in the world. It is far more eco-friendly to produce inside our own country. Hopefully, this will change in the future, and those who have to rely on overseas manufacturers will have options for greener methods of transportation. We will keep fighting the good fight until then. Manufacturing at home is going through somewhat of a revolution as the introduction of automated technologies and robotics are helping to optimize processes and make them more efficient too. Check out this article to learn some of the ways the manufacturing industry is progressing today – Such information is well worth keeping up-to-date with if you’re a professional in the field.

And that is not the only initiative we are undertaking. See how we are minimizing our global impact with our 110,000 square foot rooftop Advanced Energy solar panel system. After spending time looking into the best solar panels, we have decided to use renewable energy to run our business. By both saving money and the environment, we feel this is the best choice for us as manufacturers.

Jaypro Sports Manufacturing Building – Solar Monitoring