Softball Pitching Machines

Jaypro has everything you need to make your softball team lineup a modern day murderer’s row when it comes to offensive firepower. Great hitters aren’t born they are made through hours of practice and we have outstanding softball equipment including pitching machines and practice softballs to give your players the tools to turn themselves into solid hitters. From slow toss pitching machines to portable pitching machines with adjustable speeds Jaypro has all the softball equipment necessary to improve the batting skills of your team.

Before spring practice gets into swing let your players get up to speed by practicing with our high quality slow toss pitching machines. This sturdy machine automatically tosses a ball every five seconds to give hitters plenty of time to adjust their swing in a batting cage or on the field. These slow toss softball pitching machines can hold up to ten softballs at a time to give each batter enough swings to warm up.

When your hitters have found their swing, step up the intensity with our popular JUGS model softball pitching machine. This machine can be adjusted to throw softballs at speeds anywhere between 15-60mph and can also toss straight pitches, risers and drops to give batters a wide variety of pitches to simulate an actual at bat during a game. The JUGS softball pitching machine can toss both 11″ and 12″ softballs and has a digital readout display to indicate the speed of each pitch.