Softball Pitching Mounds

Jaypro is your source for the best in official and recreational softball equipment. Whether you need equipment for a high school or college softball team or a parks recreation department Jaypro has everything you need to practice and play competitive games of softball. Within our huge softball equipment selection you’ll find a terrific selection of softball pitching mounds, indoor pitching mats and lanes and 2-piece pitching mounds to get your rotation ready for opening day.

Great for indoor use before the weather gets warm we offer the Jennie Finch softball pitching mat with powerline that has a non-skid rubber backing and attached pitching rubber. Ideal for use on most gym floors this pitching mat gives pitchers a 2″ inlaid white line for more precise training and the mat is made spike-resistant turf. With this softball pitching mat your team’s pitchers will develop accuracy and form that will lay the foundation for a solid starting rotation.

We also carry the powerline mini mat that is 3′ x 2′ and features a pitching rubber. For beginners and pitchers returning from surgery we offer the pitching lane pro that has the same features as the powerline pitching mat but includes a 6″ white turf barrier on either side of the mat to assist pitchers with their form and delivery. Softball pitching takes hours of practice to perfect and with our collection of high quality softball pitching mounds mats and lanes your pitchers will have the form, accuracy and stamina to take on the league’s best hitters.