Sporting Goods

Where else can you find the highest quality sporting goods supplied by a highly reputable manufacturer? Jaypro Sports Equipment and Gym Construction, that’s where! Jaypro is the leading manufacturer of baseball, basketball, football and other sports genres for sports equipment. Physical education programs all over the country have turned to us to provide them with nonpareil items unique in purpose, efficient in use, and effective in training our athletes of tomorrow.

Jaypro Sports has a deep inventory of sports equipment and sporting goods. Our baseball and soccer equipment lines are complete for we offer batting cages for players looking to improve their swing and hit some balls without chasing all of them down. Our pitching machines give batters additional practice by throwing an assortment of pitches their way at varying speeds resulting in an almost exact simulation of game time conditions. For soccer equipment and football equipment, we offer aluminum bleachers to outfit your playing area providing a comfortable viewing structure for your organization’s fans and enthusiasts. Tennis and basketball equipment is manufactured here at Jaypro such as our finest basketball backboard and basketball backstops with breakaway rims and collegiate model tennis court net for professional quality play each and every time.

For the indoor physical education program, gym dividers are available to separate one side of a gym from the other, maximizing available playing space. Ice hockey and soccer equipment is made at Jaypro to give our athletes the finest sports training goods available. Our ice hockey and volleyball sports equipment never fail to impress. A hockey goalie has the choice pieces of sporting goods to choose from at Jaypro Sports while our volleyball equipment category includes volleyball nets that are made for international play.

Jaypro Sports delivers all of this plus gym construction for those organizations that have a vision they would like to fulfill. Continue making Jaypro Sports the leader of sporting goods manufacturing and we will continue to provide you with the highest customer satisfaction.