Yale Bulldogs Go Jaypro

Jaypro Sports is proud to announce that our Deluxe Field Lacrosse Goals and new NETX1 nets are in the hands of the prestigious Yale Bulldogs Lacrosse Team.  After an initial round of testing during practice sessions, the Bulldogs became drawn to the goal’s flat cover plate design, making it a breeze to install nets.  They next questioned if the rigidity and design of the new NETX1 seamless lacrosse nets would hold up to the standards of their elite program.  We confidently met their challenge.

The Deluxe Field Lacrosse Goals and NETX1 nets were delivered to Yale University in time for their first practice on February 1, 2018.  After several more weeks of experimenting with the products, the lacrosse program made the decision to purchase another pair and to use our goals and seamless nets as their official game equipment.  With expertise in digital printing and product customization, we went one step further and customized the flat cover plates of the Deluxe Field Lacrosse Goals with the Yale Bulldogs logo.

Jaypro Sports is ecstatic that one of Connecticut’s hometown teams, the Yale Bulldogs, are using our athletic products.  The durable construction of the steel goal frames and the robust design of the seamless nets create a force to be reckoned with when put together on the lacrosse field.  We are confident more college teams will follow suit to purchase our premium athletic equipment for their lacrosse programs.