Pitching Equipment

Only at Jaypro Sports and Gym Construction will you find the best baseball and softball pitching equipment. Our pitching equipment is manufactured with the intent to give baseball athletes the type of quality sports practice pitching equipment they need to match their intensity during their practice sessions. Here at Jaypro Sports we put our athletes first and make sure we cater to their needs as specifically as possible.

The baseball pitching equipment and pitching machines we manufacture are the top of the line and give the most in terms of consistent top performance. Take for example our pitcher safety protector nets. Behind these nets, your pitchers can pitch with total comfort and impunity from injury because our L-shaped designed nets are constructed out of galvanized steel, which are resistant to rust and extremely durable. The main portion of the pitching protection equipment is the net and that is constructed out a black #42 knotless nylon double-sided slip-on material. Jaypro manufactures this item with the pitcher’s safety in mind and, as a result, we have come up with several models that do just that.

Another prime piece of pitching equipment is our portable pitching platform that gives pitchers the type of view and feel of an authentic baseball or softball pitching situation. All of our softball pitching equipment and pitching platforms are portable, which makes for easy transportation to and from the practice site and storage. We like to ensure that these pitching platforms do not damage the surroundings in which they are employed, so we here at Jaypro Sports construct these portable pitching mounds with a skid proof rubber coating to protect the ground.

Skilled in gym construction, design, and implementation, Jaypro Sports is the best at creating your ideal playing field area just the way it needs to be. We have plenty of experience in building some of the finest playing fields and gyms. As we like to say, whatever you vision is, we can make it a reality.

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