Pitching Machines

As the number one manufacturer of sporting goods and sports equipment, Jaypro Sports Equipment and Gym construction continues to lead the field in terms of sports equipment quality and customer satisfaction. We provide sports equipment that is top notch and is used all over the word in all type of sports.

Here at Jaypro Sports can you find the best pitching machines for your organizations baseball team. Pitching machines have been proven to be one of the best and most effective teaching aids for batters of all skill and age levels to practice their batting with the absence of an experienced pitcher. With a pitching machine from here at Jaypro, batting averages will go through the roof in no time!

At the top of our baseball pitching machine line is our JUGS Baseball Pitching Machine. The JUGS pitching machine stands 107-pounds in weight and is the most versatile pitching machine out. The JUGS pitcher includes long legs for baseball and tennis along with a short leg tripod for softball.

Speeds of the JUGS pitching machine can fluctuate anywhere from 20-104 M.P.H. to challenge any level of baseball player. The machine also can be adjusted to throw right or left-handed including a wide variety of pitches to challenge batters and work on their weaknesses. The pitching machine is powered by 110 volt AC or an 1000 watt generator and can toss lite-flight and softie-baseballs.

In addition, as proof of our confidence in this supreme product, we offer a five-year guarantee that can be used to service the pitching machine to your satisfaction.

With Jaypro Sports, top quality is what we strive for with the development of each product and you can count on us to deliver it each and every time.